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Bali Paragliding Trip to Mount Payung

Paragliding gunung payung, Benoa, Kuta Sel., Kabupaten Badung, Bali, Indonesia (0)
from/per person $ 100.00
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Bali Paragliding Trip to Mount Payung-Bali Province
[Price : US $ 100]  
[Minimum : 2 Person]


The Tour will visit :

Bali Paragliding Trip to Mount Payung-Bali Province

Paragliding sport is one of the free flying sports. Paragliding can be interpreted as a parachute that can be flown and can lift the aviator body. This parachute or plane takes off and lands on the aviator’s foot.

Paragliding sport takes off from a hillside or mountain by wind. The wind that is used as a lifting resource that causes this parachute to float high in space consists of two kinds, namely, wind up that hit the slopes (dynamic lift) and wind up caused due to thermal (thermal lift). By utilizing both sources the pilot can fly very high and reach a great distance. The interesting thing is that all that is done without the use of machines, just solely utilize the wind.

The paragliding equipment is very light, the weight of the entire equipment (parachute, harness, reserve parachute, helmet) is about 10-15 kg. Paragliding equipment is also very practical because it can be inserted into a backpack that can be held on the back. Paragliding sport is also very small ketergantunganya with other rides.

 Who Can Fly Fly?

Anyone may fly, male or female, old or young, of physical and spiritual origin, not heart disease, and epilepsy. Recommended age of interest is between 14 s / d 60 years. Interested enthusiasts younger than 18 years of age must receive the approval and permission of the parent / guardian.

 Dangerous Paragliding?

Many still think that paragliding is dangerous, is that right? We know that all sports are at risk, that’s for sure. Bike ride on the highway also contains elements of danger is very large, is not it? In doing sports, especially outdoor sports, the risks that may occur depend on how the actors do their activities. Similarly in paragliding, if we perform with the correct procedures and procedures then the risk that will occur will be very minimal. If you are new to walking then you do not run, so says the wise man. In improving the capacity of a paragliding pilot must be done step by step.

 What’s Enjoyment and Fun Fly with Paragliding?

Enjoy the free air who does not like? Sport paragliding is a sport in the wild. If you’ve ever dreamed of being a bird, flying with paragliding is one of the realities you can do. Only by utilizing the wind you can hover high in the vast sky and feel the rush of wind in the silence. Just imagine, some time before you step on the earth but a few moments later you’ve looked at the earth from the other side, from a height in the sky. This is another sensation that not everyone can do. This sensation is certainly different from your daily life. When you drift in the altitude indirectly you will appreciate your life in other ways.

When you are quite advanced then you will enjoy your flight more, the skills you have make make you more confident. If weather support then you will be able to fly as you wish. Want to fly high, or want to fly away it’s up to you. Next of course you yourself will feel how fun and the pleasure of flying with paragliding.

But do not just believe what we say. It’s just a phrase with words, is it really so fun in reality? There is no other way to feel that fun unless you try to fly alone. Do not want to just hear from others, feel your own fun.

 What Supplies Are Needed?

Major gear in paragliding sports include main parachute and reserve, harness, and helmet. The required flying support equipment includes variometer, radio / HT, GPS, windmeter, map of the flying location, etc. While aviator outfits include flying suits / flight suits, gloves, and high-necked boots / boots.
The type of parachute used is highly dependent on the level of aviator capability and aviator weight. There are at least three types of paragliding parachutes, parachutes for beginners, parachutes for medium-sized airmen, and parachutes for advanced pilots. The size of the parachute must also match the weight of the raider. Available sizes include XS, S, M, L and LL to fly together / tandem.

What’s include

This tour will be include:

  • Include Insurance
  • Instructor

  • Free pickup and drop hotel (Nusa Dua Bali, Jimbaran Bali, Kuta Bali )
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our Itinerary

Additional Info

  • For single traveler, an additional at  100% charge
  • Infant under 3 years Free of charge
  • Reasonable and fair price, that means NO HIDDEN FEES.
  • Payment either in USD, Rupiah, or other currencies based on the latest exchange rates.
  • Private tour, means there is no other participant, just only you and your group.
  • If the schedule date and time is not match as Booking Requested, we will reply by email within 24 hours to give the other available date and time schedule as Option
  • the Actual pick up time we will be sent by other separately email within 24 hours , please check email Frequently (only for those activities which have the service of the pick up time )
  • The Balance Payment (75% ) , You'll pay when you arrived at the activities Venue before activities is started

Pick-up time

It will be inform when the tour is confirmed.


 What to bring / wear :
  • Payment ( cash in Rupiah  for extra Drinks or souvenir )
  • Hat, sun screen
  • Sunglasses
  • Casual wear
Cancellation Policy
  • If you cancel at least 7 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is no cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel between 6 to 3 day(s) in advance of the scheduled departure, there is a 50 percent cancellation fee.
  • If you cancel within 2 day(s) of the scheduled departure, there is a 100 percent cancellation fee.


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